Innovation Summit

September 18–19, 2019 • Carnegie Museum of Art • Pittsburgh, PA

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Celebrating Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Innovation Summit explores the impact of technology on humans, business and culture. We will focus on celebrating and supporting Pittsburgh innovators and entrepreneurs with the theme, “By Pittsburgh. For Pittsburgh. For the World.” and will feature innovators in business, research, and the arts.

Featured Speakers

Event Tracks


Robotics, Data and Advanced Manufacturing presented by Industrial Scientific

Wednesday, September 18

Manufacturing in the United States produces over 18% of the world's goods and employs over 8% of the US workforce. Data, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are improving output and employee safety, while driving innovation in the supply chain and manufacturing processes. Some of the leaders driving the technology advancement will be hitting the stage to discuss advancements in manufacturing.

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Health Tech Transformation presented by UPMC Enterprises

Wednesday, September 18

Interactions with clinicians, insurance companies, medical devices, medication and health information are transforming. From how people experience a visit to their doctor to medical device IoT to chronic disease management, the health industry is embracing technology. Some of the leading companies who are driving healthcare innovation are right here in Pittsburgh.


Smart Cities & Mobility

Wednesday, September 18

A smart city enhances urban life through information and technology. Self-driving cars, hospitals of the future, public art, community parks, and energy are all aspects of smart cities. Together, they come together to make working and living in an urban area efficient and cost-effective, with an emphasis on citizen experience and well-being.

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Technology and the Future of Work presented by Dell

Wednesday, September 18

Did you know that your job in ten years may not exist today? Join us as we explore the impact technology has on the current workforce and explore how education, training and the relationship between the private and public sectors are adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Digital Transformations in Financial Services & FinTech presented by PNC

Thursday, September 19

Raise your hand if you have used "Venmo me" within the past week. This is just one example of a digital transformation in FinTech. For every one transformation a customer see, there are hundreds happening in the background. From data to security to crypto currency to artificial intelligence, "show me the money" is taking on a whole new meaning.


Using Technology to Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Thursday, September 19

Remember life before smart phones? What about before Netflix? Technology is changing how we interact with brands, from sports to groceries to TV and internet. Hear from some of the people changing the way you live.


Corporate Innovation: Think Like an Entrepreneur

Thursday, September 19

Can large corporations be innovative and nimble? The answer is yes! During this track, we will learn from people who are bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to their company and best practices for introducing an entrepreneurial attitude to your business.


Purpose Driven Innovation presented by the BNY Mellon Foundation

Thursday, September 19

Webster defines innovation as "the introduction of something new." We are defining purpose driven innovation as "introducing something new that is both personally meaningful and beneficial to society." Companies are including purpose driven innovation in their business and strategic planning, and those who are not will be left behind in innovation and talent.