Called on as a Magicmaker for New Ventures, Evo is a creative force of nature connecting brilliant visionaries and teams with resources, ideas and opportunities for exponential impact. With 20+ years experience inside major companies, NGOs, media networks, startups and now as a producer Evo brings integration, insight and inspiration to new ventures. Current residencies and projects connect VR and Mixed Reality, AI and nanotech R&D with a wide mix of interactive product teams in edtech, personalized product delivery, media, health and impact mapping across fields and sectors.

Evonne (Evo) Heyning is a 2012 graduate of Singularity University GSP and consults on human connection: engagement strategy and community development, transparency, trust and blockchains for opening access, emerging trends in media arts, social and playful communications, demystifying change management for new systems and economic opportunities for learning and participation.

In the last decade she co-founded tech teams including Toyshoppe Systems, a full service FX media R&D studio creating robots, wearables and spacecraft for film, touring and broadcast partners worldwide. Toyshoppe is currently making hardware and new inventions for movie industry leaders from Disney to Fox and Warner Bros.

Evo currently consults for ExO.Works, Fastrack Institute and FluidChains, focusing on a mix of immersive, interactive and social media systems integrated with AI, wearables and the physical world. Current projects include Unrepresented, a blockchain media fund for feature entertainment around the world from film to location-based experiences, XR and series.