Thrival 2016

Lost and Found

September 20, 2016 • NOVA Place

From artisans, to makers, to a new generation of manufacturers, we're examining the value of revitalizing the past, reengaging with experiences fading into memory, and reimagining once dying industries as vital engines of growth. We're not just doing this for the sake of posterity — we need to properly chart the future.


September 21, 2016 • Kelly-Strahorn Theater

Pittsburgh is surging in relevance and notoriety nationally and globally, and is emerging as one of the premier destinations for people seeking great opportunities to make an impact. What can Pittsburgh (and cities like us) do to sustain this competitive advantage, knowing the window to capitalize on our momentum may be short-lived? In the midst of this newly found attention, how do we answer critical questions about the future of Pittsburgh, most notably on the topics of culture, identity, and authenticity?

The Ripple Effect

September 22, 2016 • NOVA Place

Often, there have been little things that have been applied, leveraged, or used in new ways which, in turn, led to something big. Economics, finance, sociology, and science all refer to this as the "Ripple Effect": a seemingly unnoticed act or action that expands upon itself incrementally and exponentially. What stories are out there that teach us that big things can sometimes come in small-looking packages? Or that building the "next big thing" may not require millions of dollars or celebrity endorsements — it may just come from the right combination of ideas, people, and circumstances.

Thrival Music

September 23-24, 2016 • Carrie Furnaces

An outdoor, live music experience at the Carrie Furnaces featuring national and local musicians.

Ria David, Ph. D.

President & Co-Founder, Cybergenetics

Liza Grossman

Founder, Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Barbara Luderowski

Founder, The Mattress Factory

Ann Makosinski

Inventor & Entrepreneur

Chris Messina

Inventor of the Hashtag

Dr. Bennet Omalu

First to Discover and Diagnose Chronic Brain Damage in NFL Athletes

Eugene Robinson

Pulitzer Prize Winner & Nationally-Syndicated Columnist

Dr. Jim Withers

Founder, Operation Safety Net & Founder, Street Medicine Institute