Temple Lovelace

Dr. Temple S. Lovelace is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Her research interests include social justice and equity through a disability inquiry lens, as well as innovative classroom based instructional and intervention strategies in the areas of academic… Read more »

Kelley Benson

Kelley Benson is the Director of Human Resources & Inclusion at Innovation Works (IW).  In her role as an Inclusion Strategist Kelley works closely with the President and CEO to ensure that IW is maintaining its commitment to diversity in its programs. In her role… Read more »

Kristi Woolsey

Kristi is responsible for enabling organizations to support its people through physical and digital space. She focuses on discovering and defining the connections between environment, culture and outcome. She pulls together interdisciplinary teams to think deeply about the interaction between physical and virtual space, and… Read more »

Shivdev Rao

Shivdev Rao, MD is an Executive Vice President at UPMC Enterprises, where he has managed the provider facing portfolio of technology investments and R&D. Shiv has been overseeing R&D efforts at UPMC related to speech in healthcare. He recently cofounded a startup with partners from… Read more »