Human Touch in the A.I. Age

The reach of technology is vast. It’s everywhere, often embedded in places we do not suspect. And while it’s designed to work for users, occasionally it feels as if humans instead serve technology with so many apps, devices, media and experiences demanding their attention. On the… Read more »


Dispatches from Thrival Music’s 5th Year

This weekend, Thrival Music returned to the Blade Runner-esque Carrie Furnaces in Swissvale for another year of live music. The music gather followed two days of Thrival Innovation, during which figures from tech scenes in Pittsburgh and beyond discussed the future of innovation, entrepreneurship and… Read more »

TrashBot: Your Friendly Neighborhood Recycling Robot

Recycling is as easy as tossing plastic, metal and paper into your home’s designated recepticle, right? Wrong. Rules vary according to city and states, and regulations on what and how items can be recycled can change annually, especially for businesses. Some recycling can be single… Read more »

Deterrence: A Cold War View of Cybersecurity

At the The New Cybersecurity Playbook, a panel on innovating and protecting the “digital frontier”, one panelist brought a cold warrior approach to the proceedings. Steven Pifer, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Ambassador to Ukraine, advocated for deterrence as one path for… Read more »

Tech’s new playbooks

Technological innovation is vast and relentless. From the blockchain to cybersecurity, to new methods for today’s entrepreneur, the playbook is constantly changing. On the first day of Thrival Innovation at the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh, six distinct panels highlighted recent technological advances, and how humans… Read more »