Applying for Work in 2040. Are You Ready?

/ By Beth Klebacha

By Jason Swanson (@JasonSwanson) What might applying for work in 2040 look like? Hard to imagine, right? Maybe we can help with that. On September 20, Thrival Humans X Tech participants will be able to step into what the future of workforce readiness might look… Read more »

Hanging Out with Harold: Chatting with Lee Kimball

/ By Beth Klebacha

Harold met his match when he interviewed Lee Kimball, CEO of EquityNet, and former COO of Thread. Lee invited Harold and his entourage to visit his home in Fox Chapel to take in the suburbs and talk Pittsburgh and jobs. What we learned: both Lee… Read more »


Human Augmentation 101

/ By Thrival Festival

This is a guest post by BDYHAX. Human augmentation is more than RFID implants, gene therapy and mind controlled prosthetic limbs – this is what it means to be human. You’ll hear that human augmentation is just around the corner; that soon, we’ll all be… Read more »

What Makes Us Human?

/ By Beth Klebacha

Bear with me on a brief history lesson. There are four oft-cited industrial revolutions: The First Industrial Revolution: The Age of Mechanical Production. This is the advent of the steam engine. The Second Industrial Revolution: The Age of Science and Mass Production. These are inventions… Read more »

It’s Complicated: Relationships Between Humans and Technology

/ By Beth Klebacha

If humans and technology had a Facebook relationship status, it would read: “it’s complicated.” In many respects, the proliferation of technology has improved the human condition. We have less poverty, less hunger, and generally less large-scale human suffering than at any point in human existence…. Read more »